September Deals confirm the renowned status of HorseDeals

September Deals confirm the renowned status of HorseDeals
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Yesterday HorseDeals' September Deals collection ended. The online auction of frozen straws was once again very successful which gives HorseDeals a renowned status in the world of equestrian auctions. The original straw from Chacco Blue will remain in the Netherlands for € 30,000. Just like the previous auction edition, there was a fierce bidding duel for Dominator Z's straw, this time going to Ireland for no less than € 16,000. A straw from Balou du Reventon was virtually knocked down at € 6,000.

In this auction also some embryos that were in high demand. The combination Chacco Blue x Prima Donna van 't Roosakker (Comme Il Faut) will be a filly that will stay in the Netherlands for € 28,000. The embryo Chacco Blue x Goya (a daughter of Usha van 't Roosakker x Kannan) has been sold for € 22,000 and will be born in the United Kingdom.
The Chacco Blue x Ottela di Fer (€ 19,000) is going to Portugal and another € 17,000 was offered from Poland for the embryo Chacco Blue out W. Delta Mossel Jantje.

The HorseDeals team is grateful for the trust of all breeders who have bid and wishes its customers every success in breeding. We are already looking forward to our next online auction during the November Deals.